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New Year Sparkle

Well, I sit here at lunch time at my desk wondering…wondering about all the dreams and wishes and thoughts and daydreams that go around and around in my head everyday. What to do? Can I do that? Should I do this? Decisions, decisions.

We all have our hopes, dreams and visions for the future and I wonder how many people like me, think about them, perhaps make a few tentative steps towards them and then just slip back into their comfort zone. I do it all the time. I really love January, I love Winter for all the cold weather, the frost, the bright clear days and yes even the rainy, cloudy, overcast days because they are another day that I am alive and dreaming. I love January also because it is the start of the year. A whole new year to do what we please with, up to a point. I understand that yes, we all have various responsibilities to deal with and that just doing what we please may not always be an option. But there is no harm in plotting and planning out our dreams, our ambitions and our goals. Because you never know, we might just get to carry out and achieve some of them.

I have quite a few things in my mind at the moment. The usual ‘must eat more healthy because it is important for my body’ thoughts, along with the ‘must move more, walk more, exercise more’ thoughts. I also have the, ‘I want to blog more’, ‘I want to ignite the sparkle in everyone’, ‘I want to develop the mental health and wellbeing of people’, ‘I want to sing Country and Irish and let my free spirit roam’ thoughts. So you can see, there are a few items on my to do list this year.

I’m trying to create a schedule for myself. That I go to bed and sleep a little earlier so that I have more energy and life to carry out these plans and so that I don’t have darkness around my eyes from tiredness – that is so not a good look! I have the day job to do which I am happy with but sometimes wonder if I can ever escape the desk and yes, there is a plan there too but I have to develop all of the above first. I need to find time to study, I am only two and a half modules way from the end and I am the type of person that just has to see things through.

I shall make time for the people who are important to me and for whom I am important to them. I love my Twitter interactions because it spreads the sparkle of life immediately that I post something Boho, Irish, Spanish, Country Music or whatever is making me sparkle at the time.

Life is just the most amazing thing we have, it is so precious, so beautiful and truly sparkling. I’d like to whole world to unlock the spirit within their heart and soul, to see the beauty around them and to really live and love the life we have been blessed with.

Yes as always I have rambled on but I suppose that is my free spirit talking.

Thank you for reading and sharing my blog, thank you for being on this journey with me and thank you for letting me share your journey too. Please feel free to comment and let me know what you are dreaming of for this fabulous new year.


The ‘Energy’ Sparkle!

Today has been a very busy day. Most days are but today I had energy!!! I think it was a combination of things which led to this exuberance of sparkle today. Firstly the weather. Yes it was cold and frosty but it was also bright and sunny. One of those days when you just want to be wrapped up warm and walking in the countryside. The second was music. Yesterday I bought ‘Blue Smoke’, The Best of Dolly Parton and I had it playing in the car. What fabulous songs. Some I remember from a long time ago and some I never heard before. Beautiful heartbreaking love gone wrong Country Soul, you can’t beat it.


Picture via Pinterest.

Thirdly I had my hair done and I think every girl agrees that when you get your hair done, you feel on top of the world. Then I went shopping. Supermarkets are the bane of my life, I do not enjoy visiting the supermarket, but today, I was in double energy mode. I was through the first one in minutes with the necessities plus goodies in my trolley. I was even quicker in the second one and it was whilst I was heading to the car with my bags I realised I was full of energy. Me and Energy are not words I would usually put in the same sentence 😉 But I am very happy to be able to do so today.

We all have our stresses and pressures, problems and issues and we have to do the best we can. Days when our sparkle is twinkling on all cylinders are days to be enjoyed, treasured and shared. Whatever makes your day sparkle with energy, keep doing it, keep sharing it and keep enjoying it. Life is the most amazing wonderful thing and time is short. Sparkle as much as you can and don’t hold back.

Thank you for reading my blog ✨💕✨

Picture via Pinterest

The ‘Get Healthy’ Sparkle

Well yes, here I go again. You have to give me serious sparkling points for trying for I do keep trying. I do so well for a while and then…oh dear, it is a birthday, a leaving party, a night out or the famous, ‘one won’t hurt’. Once I get back into the goodies it is so difficult to leave them alone again.

Ignite your healthy sparkle. Via Pinterest

Ignite your healthy sparkle.
Via Pinterest

I know how much energy I have when I eat a healthier more balanced diet and exercise more, I know how good I feel with all this extra energy and I also know how sluggish I feel when I’ve been a bad girl and chosen the less healthy options, had just that little too much chocolate, had to eat that last biscuit and that one very small sliver of cake…except that it is that one very small sliver of cake every night.

Now, I am not too worried about losing lots of weight. A health scare earlier this year brought home to me how much it means to have health and I would rather have curves and be healthy. I would like however to be healthier within my body. I am becoming more and more conscious of the foods I eat and how my body is trying to digest these foods. I am becoming more and more conscious of the health benefits of exercise. I’m certainly not a gym bunny but I do love walking and I do love to dance and I do love to yoga and these are all good exercise.

You may be wondering why I am being crazy enough to start this healthy eating off, again, at this time of year. The Frankfurt German Christmas Market opens this week in the city, there is going to be goodies galore on the run up to Christmas, nights out, dances, and temptation everywhere and that is just why I am starting now. I want to test my will power. I want to get healthier, I want to stretch my body more and I want to do what I can to safeguard myself as much as I can for the future. Most of all, I want to get back into my Jeans and I want to look good in my beautiful 1950’s Vintage Dresses.

Are you with me? Come on, ignite your healthy sparkle 🙂

Thank you for reading my blog.

Love your body and sparkle. Via Pinterest

Love your body and sparkle.
Via Pinterest

How early do I have to be up?

I should be asleep now, I know that. I have to be up and in the taxi in four hours to head for the airport for my trip to Rome. This of course is the trip that I commenced my healthy eating and get more active plan for. I’ll be honest, I have no idea how the last week has gone at all. I have kept my word about not jumping on the scales. In a way I am glad about that, in another…I want to know!!!!

Work was busy this week, I didn’t spend a lot of time sitting down at my desk. I seemed to walk a lot around the office. I’m unsure how active I actually was. The week has been a blur of activity but I don’t think it was the healthy eating move more activity I wanted.

However, my Rome trip is here and I am now very excited to be visiting this most beautiful city. Already I am thinking that as it will be hot there, I won’t want to eat too much. That light meals will be order of the day. I won’t drink too much in the evenings. Definitely no Gelato or Tiramisu. Who am I trying to kid? You?! I think not. I know that I will be into that Italian pasta, trying the vino and making short work of the Gelato. I also know I will be walking for the majority of the four days there. The test will be on how much fitter I feel, how much longer I can walk for without having to rest and how much of that Italian food I can resist.

I promise to tell all when I return….

Pending suitable wi-fi I shall be tweeting on @aurorasparkles whilst I am there.


Step away from the cherry cake…

Well, yes, I have been just a little bit lazy. I admit it. I’ve eaten some foods I had removed from my eating healthy diet, I admit that too. Do I feel bad for feeling like this and eating those foods? Perhaps just a little but not enough to beat myself up over. However I am a little mad with myself because even though my lapses have only been over a four day period, already my body has started to feel sluggish again,

During the warm weather it is I find, much easier to stick to healthier foods and I’ve had no problem doing that. I did give in to the temptation of a doughnut last Friday although I chose the plainest. I’ve eaten small amounts of ice cream over the weekend but horror of horrors, I ate cherry cake twice! Why? I don’t know! I’m not really a cake eater. I can take it or leave it. I’ve taken it twice in two days…

In my defence…I don’t have one. I wanted it, I ate it and now I’m writing about it. We all have lapses. My willpower went on vacation over the weekend but it has returned, renewed, relaxed and ready to roll again. I am still determined to get healthier, more active and to get back into my lovely clothes.

I want my free spirit to soar, my inspiration to shine and my willpower to take over when I next see cherry cake!!!

Music lifts my soul.

I love music. I love most music, Jazz, Country, Motown, Soul, a little bit of Rock…I can’t think of any genre that I don’t like even a little bit.

My passion is dance music, oh how I love to get on the dance-floor and dance. The feeling of pure freedom, I feel every beat as if it is pulsing through my veins. I love to dance. I love to waltz, I can do a mean Siege of Ennis – any Irish folk will know that one well!! I like party music, 50’s, 60’s etc right up to now…my favourite for sheer heart loving joy is Trance. I know why there is a whole section of Trance known as Euphoria because I can’t describe my spirit releasing on the dance-floor any other way…pure euphoria. That uplifting feeling of freedom and dancing off all the stresses, tension and anxiety that real life can bring.

Music has the ability to lift you up, bring back memories, make you sad, cry, laugh and make you sing. Who cares if you can’t hold a note, sing out and fill your heart with happiness. Hold that hairbrush as your microphone…come on, we’ve all done it…I still do at times! Be free within, it will be such a release.

Irish music makes me so happy, brings back memories of holidays to family at home in Ireland. So it also makes me sad that they are having the craic elsewhere these days.

Spanish music makes me tingle. I have not yet found words to describe how the first few bars of ‘Bailamos’ by Enrique makes me feel. Yes he is gorgeous and I do love him singing…that music though…I think I just kind of melt inside. Any Spanish music and it is as if my soul awakes, it recognises a call from home. To my knowledge I have no Spanish heritage and yet I feel my destiny is linked to Spain in some way. I love Spain in the same way I love Ireland.

Spanish music awakens every fibre of my being. Dance music sets my spirit free. Dance The Siege of Ennis and you might end up with a black eye or a few bruised toes but you’ll have had one hell of a good night out!


Someday. How often do we say that word? ‘We’ll go there someday’. ‘I’ll look for a new job, someday’. ‘I meant to call you, someday’. Does someday ever get here?

It is so easy to put things off. We really do intend to do them. We put our heart and soul behind an idea, a plan, a goal and we really do intend to put our hopes, dreams and plans into action, someday. Someday never arrives. Before we know it, we are looking back wondering where time has gone and why we didn’t grasp someday and make it matter.

Day 11 and I’m feeling good that I started moving more, getting more active, eating healthier and I feel much less sluggish than I did. I have walked more, tonight I did some work in the garden and with the warm weather I find it easier to eat healthier. I’m not out of the craving stage yet by no means but I’m getting there.

You never know where life may take you so grab someday while you can and make things happen.