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The Gift of Giving – Christmas Sparkle

On Christmas Eve last year, I was walking from the train to the office. It was a frosty cold morning, about 7:30 am. I had called to one of the supermarkets to pick up some last minute goodies for Christmas and as I walked up towards the office, I passed a homeless person, wrapped in cardboard, asleep on a stone step. As I continued to walk, I started to feel so sad. Here was I, dressed warmly, buying last minute treats for my family and there was that person, alone on Christmas Eve. The most magical day of the year but what magic did they have in their life?

I called to the nearest Starbucks and bought their largest take out cup of tea and made my way back to the step. They had gone. In a matter of minutes, they had removed all trace they had ever been there. I felt heartbroken, as if I had missed my chance to help whoever that was.

I went back there during the morning and I walked back that way when I was on the way home, nothing! No sign of them at all. After Christmas and the return to work, I walked past almost daily but I never saw anyone there again. That feeling of sadness from Christmas Eve morning came over me whenever I walked down that path.

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This year, I decided that I would give a gift to someone living on the streets of my city. I thought of woolly hats, scarves, gloves etc but then I thought of purchasing a gift card from Starbucks or Costa coffee so that at least they could get themselves a hot drink on the cold Winter days. Next week, one of my lovely friends who works near to me, is meeting me at lunch time and we are going to purchase our gift cards and walk through the city to find someone who truly needs it.

People end up on the streets for so many reasons and not all homeless people are alcoholics or junkies. And even so, we all need help and compassion at times even if it sometimes isn’t easy to give. At this time of year when so many of us have so much, we could spare a thought, a cup of tea, a prayer and some Christmas giving for those less fortunate than us. After all, isn’t that the true meaning of Christmas?

Thank you for reading my blog and for sharing the sparkle ✨🎄✨

Picture via Pinterest