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Ten Minute Sparkle

Finally I get a few minutes to update the blog and a few minutes it is too!!  I’ve already escaped from behind my desk to rush out to the shops to buy some goodies for tomorrow.  Tomorrow is my Mom’s birthday (I can’t confirm age because I fear if I should write it down my blog will disappear to a cloud never to be seen again).  I am cooking dinner, which I do most weekends but tomorrow I want to make more of an effort.  I’ve also bought a birthday cake, and as a gift I have bought some of Mom’s favourite make up and of course, who can have a birthday without chocolates?  Well, we can’t!!!

I like blogging, I like just letting my mind and fingers take over and letting the words flow.  Usually I have a subject.  I have a few subjects on my list of ‘blogs to write’.  Places I have visited, things I have done, things I want to do, things I am doing…oh the list goes on.  Time also goes on, too quickly and as many times as I make a timetable to fit everything in, something comes along to thwart my plans.

My mind keeps changing about the future, future plans, what to do, what should I do, what do I want to do.  I keep coming back to the same thing…perhaps it is a sign…this too is another blog post waiting to be written.  I need to update you about taking up Zumba, about the goodies I have given up for Lent, the freedom I shall experience when my latest study module is completed in early June. This one has been the toughest yet and I can’t tell you the amount of times I have almost given up.  I’m not a quitter though, if I start something, I have to complete it. I also need to blog about the fabulous day I recently had at the St Patrick’s Day parade and seeing Nathan Carter in concert.

I love reading my friends blogs, they are interesting, uplifting and funny.  I love to read the blogs in my reader, which effectively are, your blogs.  I love that people blog, about everything. We have such rich, unique, amazing and interesting lives and it seems that we are also interested in each other’s lives and I think that is just wonderful.  We each sparkle in our own way and we are sharing our sparkle with each other in every word we write, every picture we share and every blog we post.

So now that I have rambled on for ten minutes I shall return to my spreadsheets and gaze out of the window at the blue sky and sunshine and dream some more day dreams…there is yet another blog post to be written.

I hope your Friday is truly sparkling, thanking you for rambling with me and I hope to catch up very soon.