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New Year Sparkle

Well, I sit here at lunch time at my desk wondering…wondering about all the dreams and wishes and thoughts and daydreams that go around and around in my head everyday. What to do? Can I do that? Should I do this? Decisions, decisions.

We all have our hopes, dreams and visions for the future and I wonder how many people like me, think about them, perhaps make a few tentative steps towards them and then just slip back into their comfort zone. I do it all the time. I really love January, I love Winter for all the cold weather, the frost, the bright clear days and yes even the rainy, cloudy, overcast days because they are another day that I am alive and dreaming. I love January also because it is the start of the year. A whole new year to do what we please with, up to a point. I understand that yes, we all have various responsibilities to deal with and that just doing what we please may not always be an option. But there is no harm in plotting and planning out our dreams, our ambitions and our goals. Because you never know, we might just get to carry out and achieve some of them.

I have quite a few things in my mind at the moment. The usual ‘must eat more healthy because it is important for my body’ thoughts, along with the ‘must move more, walk more, exercise more’ thoughts. I also have the, ‘I want to blog more’, ‘I want to ignite the sparkle in everyone’, ‘I want to develop the mental health and wellbeing of people’, ‘I want to sing Country and Irish and let my free spirit roam’ thoughts. So you can see, there are a few items on my to do list this year.

I’m trying to create a schedule for myself. That I go to bed and sleep a little earlier so that I have more energy and life to carry out these plans and so that I don’t have darkness around my eyes from tiredness – that is so not a good look! I have the day job to do which I am happy with but sometimes wonder if I can ever escape the desk and yes, there is a plan there too but I have to develop all of the above first. I need to find time to study, I am only two and a half modules way from the end and I am the type of person that just has to see things through.

I shall make time for the people who are important to me and for whom I am important to them. I love my Twitter interactions because it spreads the sparkle of life immediately that I post something Boho, Irish, Spanish, Country Music or whatever is making me sparkle at the time.

Life is just the most amazing thing we have, it is so precious, so beautiful and truly sparkling. I’d like to whole world to unlock the spirit within their heart and soul, to see the beauty around them and to really live and love the life we have been blessed with.

Yes as always I have rambled on but I suppose that is my free spirit talking.

Thank you for reading and sharing my blog, thank you for being on this journey with me and thank you for letting me share your journey too. Please feel free to comment and let me know what you are dreaming of for this fabulous new year.


A year ago…


A year ago…I’d never been to Ibiza. Although I am a lover of Spain and I had visited Menorca and Mallorca, Ibiza hasn’t really appealed to me as a holiday destination. Perhaps I had been put off by the label of ‘Party Island’…I love dance music and I have many a ‘Ibiza’ collection of various dance tunes, chill out tunes and Ibiza Trance but I just didn’t fancy being caught up in a constant siege of whatever ‘party island’ meant. I obviously felt like this because I’m not 21 anymore!!

Whilst deciding where to go on holidays, I like to flick through the brochures and Mom will always give me her thoughts. Having not been abroad for five years and not having any Summer in the UK for at least four of those years, we needed some sun! I kept coming back to the same page in the brochure, Ses Estaques, Santa Eulalia, Ibiza. Mom agreed. Himself agreed. We were going to Ibiza.

I bought new summer clothes and swimsuits, sandals and dresses, even a new suitcase I was so excited to be going back to Spain and discovering Ibiza. From the moment I felt the sun shine on my face as I walked through the plane door to disembark I knew I was in the right place.

The coach dropped other holiday makers off at their hotels enroute to my chosen accommodation and I secretly hoped I wasn’t going to be disappointed. I wasn’t, the hotel was situated in such a perfect location…a walk from Reception straight to the ocean, a cove to the left of me with a separate restaurant and bar and to the right, the view to the marina, to Puig de Missa and up into the pine forest over to Cala Llonga. It was perfect.



The first song I heard on the radio after arrival was ‘Club Tropicana’ by Wham. I thought I was in heaven. For two days I kept saying ‘I am in heaven’ until himself stated that if I said those words once more I could quite possibly find myself there! I loved Santa Eulalia. I loved the hotel and everything about it. Never have I stayed anywhere where the people who work there have worn permanent smiles and been genuinely happy to speak with you and help you.

To walk on the balcony in the morning, feel the sunshine and gaze on the surroundings felt beautiful to me. Watching the sunset from the balcony in the evenings brought tears to my eyes as I had never seen such beauty, such colours and felt such peace in my life.

It was the most beautiful week, I felt like a free spirit floating in love, peace and harmony the whole time I was there. Ok, I admit, when we got lost on a walk to Cala Llonga, following Blue waymarkers which became Blue plastic bag waymarkers and then Blue marks on sides of cliffs…my peace was a little unbalanced with ‘oh my god I can see the newspaper headlines now’ and comments such as ‘but what was she doing in a pine forest in Ibiza?’…but we survived, found the civilisation that is Cala Llonga and caught the bus back!

I do intend to post about my trip to Ibiza with photo’s but for now I just wanted to share how Ibiza, Santa Eulalia and Ses Estaques in particular had captured my heart.

A year ago tonight, I could hardly sleep with excitement of going on holiday to Ibiza and the early start to the airport. There hasn’t been one day since I returned that I haven’t thought about Ibiza, looked at photo’s of Ibiza or talked about Ibiza. I don’t know if it is that I can’t let go of Ibiza or if it is that Ibiza won’t let go of me.

A year ago I’d never been to Ibiza, a year ago I fell in love in Ibiza and a year later…I still am.