I believe we all have sparkle. Sparkle with a capital SPARKLE. Something that ignites our inner free spirit and sets our soul free to fly.

My very first trip abroad was to Menorca with my Mom and from the moment I landed in Spain, it felt like my soul settled and sparkled with peace. I have the same feeling when I visit Ireland, the homeland of my parents.

I have a deep love for Ireland and all things Irish. To my knowledge we have no Spanish ancestors but I have a deep love and connection for Spain and all things Spanish. Sometimes I wonder if perhaps I was Spanish in a past life. Having visited Ibiza twice I am convinced it is truly my happy place, no-where am I as free in spirit or sparkle as in beautiful Ibiza, the White Isle.

When Ireland and Spain meet, I am truly in heaven.

One night, I had the most amazing dream and I am sure my grandfather was sending me a message from heaven. I was in both Spain and Ireland and my grandfather was there, telling me to follow my dreams.

The blog was born, a place for my Irish and Spanish Sparkles as was http://www.facebook.com/aurorasdreams and I love to sparkle on Twitter @aurorasparkles.

Ignite your sparkle with the things you love, follow your heart, follow your dreams and be the beautiful free spirit you were meant to be.


9 thoughts on “About

  1. Tom

    After reading several items involving your experiences, I am taken with your selflessness, self awareness & Love you have to give! God Bless your goodness have a peaceful, Loving holiday season.. I will return to your blog often ✌💜 Tom

    1. aurorasdreams Post author

      Hello gorgeous! I have been meaning to locate your blog for ages, time is always against me and I don’t get to sparkle enough via the blog. I hope you like what you read. Have a fabulous weekend I will catch up with you on the Twits very soon xxxxx


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