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The ‘love your belly’ Sparkle ✨

At the start of the year, most people, including me, start to think about diet, exercise, losing weight and fitness. Around Christmas and New Year we say ‘I’m going to enjoy the goodies and start my diet on January 1st’. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that and we are full of good intentions. You only have to see how busy the gym’s are in January to know people have started on their resolutions. Of course, a lot of us just slip back into our old ways as the weeks go by and perhaps stop and start diets throughout the year.

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Frequent readers of my blog know that I am not an advocate of ‘diets’ or ‘diet foods’. The only diet plan I like is Slimming World because it doesn’t restrict your food intake but it does teach you to make healthy food choices and how to eat healthy. However, I do believe that we don’t need anyone to tell us what we already know deep down, that if we eat crappy food, full of sugars, unhealthy fats, preservatives and flavourings, we are not doing our bodies any good at all.

I spent a long time saying ‘I hate my belly’ but of course this did not instill within me, any thoughts of really doing anything about it. About feeling better, about having more energy and fitting properly in my jeans!! It was only yesterday, when I started thinking about getting my own healthy eating back on track, that I thought ‘I love my belly and that is why I am going to feed it good, healthy, nutritious food and lose the fat’. Just having this thought has completely turned around my half hearted attempt at eating healthy. Talk about the power of the mind and positive thoughts!!

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Remember that your body truly sparkles when it is at optimum health for you. You don’t have to forgo all treats and goodies, reduce them. The more healthy eating you do, the better you will feel, the more energy you will have, your eyes, skin and hair will shine and you’ll feel amazing.

I’m not a gym person because I think being out in the fresh air and having a walk is the best exercise in the world. Invest in a pedometer and track your steps, you’ll want to reach your 10,000 a day.

Are you with me on the ‘love your belly and make it sparkle’ project? Feel free to add any tips you have for healthy eating either here on the blog or on the wall of my page You can tweet me too @aurorasparkles.

Thank you for reading my blog 😊

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New Year Sparkle

Well, I sit here at lunch time at my desk wondering…wondering about all the dreams and wishes and thoughts and daydreams that go around and around in my head everyday. What to do? Can I do that? Should I do this? Decisions, decisions.

We all have our hopes, dreams and visions for the future and I wonder how many people like me, think about them, perhaps make a few tentative steps towards them and then just slip back into their comfort zone. I do it all the time. I really love January, I love Winter for all the cold weather, the frost, the bright clear days and yes even the rainy, cloudy, overcast days because they are another day that I am alive and dreaming. I love January also because it is the start of the year. A whole new year to do what we please with, up to a point. I understand that yes, we all have various responsibilities to deal with and that just doing what we please may not always be an option. But there is no harm in plotting and planning out our dreams, our ambitions and our goals. Because you never know, we might just get to carry out and achieve some of them.

I have quite a few things in my mind at the moment. The usual ‘must eat more healthy because it is important for my body’ thoughts, along with the ‘must move more, walk more, exercise more’ thoughts. I also have the, ‘I want to blog more’, ‘I want to ignite the sparkle in everyone’, ‘I want to develop the mental health and wellbeing of people’, ‘I want to sing Country and Irish and let my free spirit roam’ thoughts. So you can see, there are a few items on my to do list this year.

I’m trying to create a schedule for myself. That I go to bed and sleep a little earlier so that I have more energy and life to carry out these plans and so that I don’t have darkness around my eyes from tiredness – that is so not a good look! I have the day job to do which I am happy with but sometimes wonder if I can ever escape the desk and yes, there is a plan there too but I have to develop all of the above first. I need to find time to study, I am only two and a half modules way from the end and I am the type of person that just has to see things through.

I shall make time for the people who are important to me and for whom I am important to them. I love my Twitter interactions because it spreads the sparkle of life immediately that I post something Boho, Irish, Spanish, Country Music or whatever is making me sparkle at the time.

Life is just the most amazing thing we have, it is so precious, so beautiful and truly sparkling. I’d like to whole world to unlock the spirit within their heart and soul, to see the beauty around them and to really live and love the life we have been blessed with.

Yes as always I have rambled on but I suppose that is my free spirit talking.

Thank you for reading and sharing my blog, thank you for being on this journey with me and thank you for letting me share your journey too. Please feel free to comment and let me know what you are dreaming of for this fabulous new year.

2014 – What made you Sparkle?

At this time of year we tend to look back on what we are leaving behind in 2014 and we start to look ahead to the new year, 2015. We’ll be busy making resolutions, plotting and planning for the year ahead and if you are like me, once again making a start on healthy eating and getting more exercise!!


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When I look back on the last twelve months, I think, like most people, we’ve had our up’s and down’s, our happy and sad times because that is life and you can’t escape it. What we must do though is live it because truly, that is what life is for. So, for my first blog of 2015 I am going to share with you the moments in 2014 where I felt alive and totally sparkling high on life.

The stand out moments for me were a wonderfully happy and chilled out week with my lovely friend, in Santa Eulalia, Ibiza. That was true Ibiza heaven…




I was then lucky enough to visit Lagos, Portugal with my wonderful boyfriend and we walked 72 miles over the course of a week and I still didn’t lose any weight…I blame the ice cream and sangria intake…




A real highlight of the year was re-discovering my love for Irish Country Music and going to see John McNicholl twice and having such a fabulous fun time at his shows. Meeting John was just wonderful because he is a lovely person and makes time to talk to and have photo’s taken with his fans.




A final highlight was a trip to the Birmingham Frankfurt Christmas Market at night. I love the Christmas Market and usually it is a quick walk around at lunch time to try the food and visit the stalls so it was lovely to have time to stroll around at my own pace.





Do you have highlights from the year in your mind? What stands out for you as being happy and making your heart sparkle?

Thank you for joining me on my highlights of 2014 memories. I wish you all a very happy and sparkling new year.

Thank you for reading my blog ✨