Country Music – the bliss and the sparkle!

Oh how my free spirit soared that night. That feeling of pure bliss, happiness rippled through me like waves of delight. The freedom of singing and dancing, the simple pleasures of life and something I hadn’t enjoyed for too long a time.

Where did this amazing bliss take place? The Irish Centre in Birmingham! I said it was the simple things. A place I used to visit often with my family and we’d sing and dance to our favourite bands and here I was, years later with my wonderful, up for any adventure friend, April, waiting see Irish Country music star John McNicholl. I was so excited, I’d tweeted earlier that evening that I felt like a teenager again and believe me, that felt great.

Just sitting at the table and listening to the warm up act, Little Jimmy, brought back happy memories of waltzing around the dance floor with my Dad and my uncles, aunts and cousins and us working out our own jive because the Irish jive is something I’ve never actually managed to master. Sadness also as most of my aunts and uncles are no longer with me and although I am blessed to still have my parents, they can no longer kick their heels up as before.

Then, the star attraction takes to the stage and he was just magical. John McNicholl has a wonderful voice and to hear the songs brought to life by seeing him live was awesome. The wonderful bonus was that we could take to the dance floor and dance our hearts out to the music. Songs that speak to the Irish heart, songs of home, of love, of heartbreak and of dancing.


I can’t remember when I felt so free, so happy, relaxed and truly alive. The music sparkle was reignited, my dancing feet were alive and my voice was belting out those songs…well the ones I knew all the words to anyway. This was such a fun evening. I think I could still be dancing to ‘Let’s Dance’.


After the dance we met John McNicholl and what a truly lovely person he is. A talented, gorgeous, unassuming and friendly man. As you can see from the photo, I was on high sparkle time!

A week later and we are still truly sparkling, planning our next country music night out. We have a few on our list, Nathan Carter, Derek Ryan and of course another night with John McNicholl. True sparkling heaven.

I am so glad my beautiful Mom reignited my country music sparkle ❤️

Thank you for reading my blog.



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