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Write a Nice Letter to Someone

Project Light to Life is a beautiful blog to follow. Very uplifting and full of the feel good factor. A truly lovely lady 🙂

Project Light to Life



Technically, the letter that I’m thinking about was actually in the format of an email, but for now, I’ll still count it. Although I wrote the email before I started this blog, it was one of the items on one of my summer bucket lists, so I figured I would add it to Project Light to Life’s “Kind Acts & Volunteering” list.

Freshman year of college, I took an introduction to sociology class that I still consider one of my most demanding college courses. Maybe, as a freshman, it seemed more demanding at the time, but I just remember thinking that it seemed like a lot of work. The professor was fair and an A was attainable as long as you studied hard, but there was A LOT of reading.

I took that course in the fall, but during the spring semester I was assigned research papers for various…

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Food Galore but what to eat?!!

E A T - decisions decisions.

E A T – decisions decisions.

Everywhere we look we see food. TV, magazines, books, restaurants, fast food chains, coffee shops, at work, at home…there is no escaping food. Well really we can’t escape food, we need food to feed our bodies, to give our bodies the fuel it requires to function, to give us strength, vitality, health and wellbeing. As you know I have this year become more interested in what I am eating and I have been endeavouring to eat a healthier diet, at first to lose the excess pounds that have crept on and making my clothes feel just that bit too tight!!

I’ve had up’s and down’s on this healthy eating journey so far. It was very very difficult to curtail my sweet tooth, nigh on impossible to do so. It didn’t matter how much I read about the benefits of some foods and the badness of the others, I just couldn’t lose the sweet tooth. I wasn’t hung up about my size as such but I had got to the point where my belly was weighing heavy on my mind…and my hips!! Eventually I realised that as much as I wanted to get myself on the straight and narrow again without a ‘diet’…I needed help. I needed something to spur this willpower of mine which was sadly lacking, back into gear.

So, back to my old favourite Slimming World healthy eating plan. I decided that if I was paying for something I would stick to it and I knew from years ago that Slimming World was an excellent plan plus, my Doctor advised me that it was the only ‘diet’ that she felt comfortable to recommend as it encouraged not only healthy eating of fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, pasta and rices but it also encouraged gentle exercise.

Once I had joined up online I already felt the difference, I was on the road to healthy eating again. I enjoyed reading the website, viewing the Body Magic Challenges, the food diaries, all the food I could eat which was good for me and how many ‘Sins’ were in the treats. I could still have treats, really with this plan, you can eat more or less what you want but some things in moderation.

Over the next two months I felt like a new woman!! I had so much more energy, my hair was glossy again, my nails were growing stronger and love of loves…the belly was almost gone!!! Hip hip HOORAH!! My clothes fitted me again. With some, it was like having a new wardrobe as some of my clothes had been hung up last year and not worn as I just couldn’t wear them in comfort. Yet I was eating so much food it was untrue. Baked potatoes with cheese, beans, onions…Roast dinners, pastas, rices, fruit galore and I was having treats too so that I didn’t feel like I was missing out. One thing I did notice though was when I did eat chocolate or biscuits, was the effect they had on my body. My fingers would swell up and get warm. My sinuses would get blocked. If I had treat overload…my body began to feel sluggish. Incredibile isn’t it that the food we eat can have such an affect on our bodies. It was a real wake up moment for me and has really made me think about the food we eat and perhaps the strain we put on our bodies, making it process what in some cases amounts to processed chemicals. They may taste good but are not good for us!!

Healthy Healthy Foods

Healthy Healthy Foods

Two weeks ago, we had a last minute week away in Andalusia, Spain (blog post to follow) and I cannot tell you how good it felt to pack my holiday clothes and know that they would fit me. I had treated myself to a 1950’s Vintage Dress earlier in the year and now it fitted perfectly. A small reward for getting myself healthier I think.

Whilst in Spain it was easy to eat fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, fresh fish but I am happy to admit that I ate Churros, ice creams, chips, snacks and I drank Sangria galore. This is what holidays are for I believe. I love to see the real aspect of a place, eat the traditional foods and enjoy myself. Yes I put a couple of pounds on but hey, it isn’t the end of the world. I still think that we shouldn’t get hung up about our curves, our weight, how we look etc. I still believe that we are all beautiful and unique and that we should appreciate ourselves daily for our lives. Being healthy just allows us to give our bodies what it really needs to live, to breathe and to beat daily to the sound of our hopes, dreams and plans.

Be Happy with You

Be Happy with You

I am well aware that I will still eat treats, drink wine and celebrate and party and go a little loco on trips away. On the whole though I plan to keep on with the healthy eating and get back to my walking. Oh and if you need a push in the right direction I can highly recommend Slimming World.