Time to get healthy…again!

Well as you know I was on a mission before I made my wonderful trip to Rome, to lose some weight, feel fitter and not be feeling like I didn’t have any energy. For that few weeks period it had worked and yes I had lost a couple of pounds before I left and with the extra walking I had done before the trip, I did feel a lot more like walking around Rome.

In our hotel bathroom was a lovely, shiny, silver, electronic weighing scales. Oh dear!! Hadn’t I said that I was no longer going to be hopping on and off the scales to see if I had gained or lost an ounce? But this wasn’t real because I was on holiday and it was sitting there taunting me to ‘feel the fear and jump on anyway’.
I did. I wasn’t impressed. The weight I thought I had lost back home was back…Oh dear!!!!!

Well I was in Rome and I was going to eat pizza and pasta and drink wine and eat gelato. I walked for hours everyday sightseeing (see blog post My Roman Holiday) and although it was far too hot to eat during the day I seemed to make up for this lack of food in the evenings. Every morning I called to Pepy’s Bar and had one of their Fitness Breakfasts which consisted of fresh fruit salad, yoghurt, cereal and a cappuccino. It set me up for the day. I can’t resist tomato and mozzarella which I did eat my fair share of during the four days. During my time in Rome I appeared to eat every six hours during the day. Evening meals were heavenly and I ate much later than I do at home…when in Rome and all that!! I weighed myself before I left, I was the same weight as when I arrived. I think that was a good result.

I have been back two weeks and I have restarted my healthy eating plan, I have much more willpower than before.
I am eating fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, pasta, potatoes, rice, couscous, cheese, bread, fish and poultry and in two weeks I am already feeling a lot more energetic within myself. I have lost some weight but the main gain for me is the internal buzz I appear to have which I can only assume is down to the lack of sugars and processed fatty foods. My mind is alive with ideas, inspirations and thoughts and now my task is to keep up the healthy eating, harness the energy, organise my time and put these ideas into action.

I’ll keep you posted!! Thank you for sharing the journey with me.

Love yourself enough to keep your mind and body healthy.

Love yourself enough to keep your mind and body healthy.


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