How early do I have to be up?

I should be asleep now, I know that. I have to be up and in the taxi in four hours to head for the airport for my trip to Rome. This of course is the trip that I commenced my healthy eating and get more active plan for. I’ll be honest, I have no idea how the last week has gone at all. I have kept my word about not jumping on the scales. In a way I am glad about that, in another…I want to know!!!!

Work was busy this week, I didn’t spend a lot of time sitting down at my desk. I seemed to walk a lot around the office. I’m unsure how active I actually was. The week has been a blur of activity but I don’t think it was the healthy eating move more activity I wanted.

However, my Rome trip is here and I am now very excited to be visiting this most beautiful city. Already I am thinking that as it will be hot there, I won’t want to eat too much. That light meals will be order of the day. I won’t drink too much in the evenings. Definitely no Gelato or Tiramisu. Who am I trying to kid? You?! I think not. I know that I will be into that Italian pasta, trying the vino and making short work of the Gelato. I also know I will be walking for the majority of the four days there. The test will be on how much fitter I feel, how much longer I can walk for without having to rest and how much of that Italian food I can resist.

I promise to tell all when I return….

Pending suitable wi-fi I shall be tweeting on @aurorasparkles whilst I am there.



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