Step away from the cherry cake…

Well, yes, I have been just a little bit lazy. I admit it. I’ve eaten some foods I had removed from my eating healthy diet, I admit that too. Do I feel bad for feeling like this and eating those foods? Perhaps just a little but not enough to beat myself up over. However I am a little mad with myself because even though my lapses have only been over a four day period, already my body has started to feel sluggish again,

During the warm weather it is I find, much easier to stick to healthier foods and I’ve had no problem doing that. I did give in to the temptation of a doughnut last Friday although I chose the plainest. I’ve eaten small amounts of ice cream over the weekend but horror of horrors, I ate cherry cake twice! Why? I don’t know! I’m not really a cake eater. I can take it or leave it. I’ve taken it twice in two days…

In my defence…I don’t have one. I wanted it, I ate it and now I’m writing about it. We all have lapses. My willpower went on vacation over the weekend but it has returned, renewed, relaxed and ready to roll again. I am still determined to get healthier, more active and to get back into my lovely clothes.

I want my free spirit to soar, my inspiration to shine and my willpower to take over when I next see cherry cake!!!


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