Music lifts my soul.

I love music. I love most music, Jazz, Country, Motown, Soul, a little bit of Rock…I can’t think of any genre that I don’t like even a little bit.

My passion is dance music, oh how I love to get on the dance-floor and dance. The feeling of pure freedom, I feel every beat as if it is pulsing through my veins. I love to dance. I love to waltz, I can do a mean Siege of Ennis – any Irish folk will know that one well!! I like party music, 50’s, 60’s etc right up to now…my favourite for sheer heart loving joy is Trance. I know why there is a whole section of Trance known as Euphoria because I can’t describe my spirit releasing on the dance-floor any other way…pure euphoria. That uplifting feeling of freedom and dancing off all the stresses, tension and anxiety that real life can bring.

Music has the ability to lift you up, bring back memories, make you sad, cry, laugh and make you sing. Who cares if you can’t hold a note, sing out and fill your heart with happiness. Hold that hairbrush as your microphone…come on, we’ve all done it…I still do at times! Be free within, it will be such a release.

Irish music makes me so happy, brings back memories of holidays to family at home in Ireland. So it also makes me sad that they are having the craic elsewhere these days.

Spanish music makes me tingle. I have not yet found words to describe how the first few bars of ‘Bailamos’ by Enrique makes me feel. Yes he is gorgeous and I do love him singing…that music though…I think I just kind of melt inside. Any Spanish music and it is as if my soul awakes, it recognises a call from home. To my knowledge I have no Spanish heritage and yet I feel my destiny is linked to Spain in some way. I love Spain in the same way I love Ireland.

Spanish music awakens every fibre of my being. Dance music sets my spirit free. Dance The Siege of Ennis and you might end up with a black eye or a few bruised toes but you’ll have had one hell of a good night out!


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