Someday. How often do we say that word? ‘We’ll go there someday’. ‘I’ll look for a new job, someday’. ‘I meant to call you, someday’. Does someday ever get here?

It is so easy to put things off. We really do intend to do them. We put our heart and soul behind an idea, a plan, a goal and we really do intend to put our hopes, dreams and plans into action, someday. Someday never arrives. Before we know it, we are looking back wondering where time has gone and why we didn’t grasp someday and make it matter.

Day 11 and I’m feeling good that I started moving more, getting more active, eating healthier and I feel much less sluggish than I did. I have walked more, tonight I did some work in the garden and with the warm weather I find it easier to eat healthier. I’m not out of the craving stage yet by no means but I’m getting there.

You never know where life may take you so grab someday while you can and make things happen.



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