The good and the bad.

There are things I feel good about today, there are things I don’t feel quite so upbeat about. Why oh why oh why is it so difficult to stay on the right track.

After a long time waiting we finally get some real Summer sunshine. Yesterday himself & I travelled to the riverside, sat on our chairs and chilled out. We had a lazy day, no real walking unless you consider my stroll to the fish and chip shop as walking. Yes, I did have fish and chips but we did share one portion so I felt fairly guiltless. I also ate an ice cream…hey, it was a hot summer day and where was that banana when you need it?!

This morning I decided to get on the scales to see if my first week of healthier eating and being more active had achieved any results. I am very happy to report a loss of 2 lbs. I am well aware that it is probably that much due to the change in eating habits and I don’t expect that kind of loss weekly…although it would be nice.

Today has been mostly a salad day because it has been even hotter than yesterday. There were strawberries and ice cream, I did have half the portion size of anyone else because as you know, I think denying myself small treats will just make me crave them and I’ll end up sitting with a pot of ice cream…or should I say an empty pot!

So although on day seven I can celebrate an achievement I’m also feeling that I ate far too much today and even if I was on my feet most of the day…and went for a small walk…I’m still feeling that I have undone what I have done in the past seven days…perhaps I should blame that half bottle of Sangria… I had a salad, sangria and crusty bread day…it was as Spanish as I could get on an English Summer Day.

Some days I just need to feed my Spanish soul. My Irish heart is always fairly well topped up.

Day eight beckons…what will week two achieve?



One thought on “The good and the bad.

  1. mulkraj360

    Thank you for sharing first of all. I think there’s always a period of adjustment whilst you get used to your new habits, and the more you practice the good stuff, the more it becomes a part of you. Just being ‘good’ 70-80% of the time is a good place to start, and build it up from there. Something about the time it took to build Rome? Well done.


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