Guilt Free Ice Cream

What a beautiful Summer day today. It isn’t often we can say those words anymore here in the UK. I feel like we’ve waited 18 months for today. Warm, sunny and everybody smiling, wearing their summer clothes and looking lovely.

I don’t know about you but I never really want to eat much on a warm, sunny day but the munchies arrive as the sun starts to set. It feels like I need to suddenly make up for the lack of intake of food during the day. It was a very busy day at work today which interferes with my eating habits somewhat. I race around like a crazy lady and then when I’m back at my desk…the munchies pull up a chair and join me.

I had perhaps two small lapses today which depending on your views may or may not be a disaster. First one was at lunch time when I met my friend for a catch up. Being such a lovely day we went for a stroll around the city centre. People were everywhere enjoying the sunshine, eating lunch, drinking wine and generally making the most of the sunshine. We passed an ice cream parlour and my friend said the magic words, ‘fancy an ice cream’ – well on such a hot day I could think of nothing nicer or more tasty so I says yes and introduced myself to a small but tasty maple and walnut ice cream. I don’t mind admitting that I enjoyed every single lick of it, pure heaven. I felt guilty for about ten seconds.

The afternoon was extremely busy and more than once those crisps crossed my mind, as did various chocolate bars which were languishing in the chilled vending machine. I just couldn’t bring myself to go buy any but I was well and truly surrounded by munchies. I remembered I had mini Falafel in my shopping bag and three, ok four…ok you win, five were attacked and destroyed in quick succession.

Day five of my ‘healthy eating and move more’ regime has made me think. I think I need to be more prepared for the arrival of munchies during the work day and have something close by to fill the gap and that doesn’t include crisps, chocolate, biscuits or cake. I also realised that it isn’t the end of the world or my regime because I ate an ice cream. I believe that if we deny ourselves all our treats we will fail overall because not only does our bodies require a certain level of fats and sugars but what are we without a treat or two. Life is too short to be on a diet and life is certainly too short not to enjoy the odd treat along the way.

This ‘plan’ of mine isn’t so much about losing weight but about eating healthier foods, feeling the impact of these foods on my body and mind, gaining energy, being more active and fitting back into my clothes comfortably. I know I won’t have achieved all this by the time I go to Rome but I will have made some progress and as the saying goes…’Rome wasn’t built in a day’ and I certainly won’t be either.



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