Crunchy Crisps.

I love crisps! Yes, almost as much as shortbread, sometimes even more so. I had acquired the habit of eating a packet of crisps every day. Sometimes two – one with a sandwich at lunchtime and another mid-afternoon. I love everything from the anticipation of opening the packet of crisps to holding the folded over and perhaps over cooked crisp to the actual crunching of the crisp. Crunching of the crisp for me is perhaps the ultimate pleasure of eating crisps.

The vending machine in the office has a plentiful supply of crisps. Different brands, varying flavours and both high or low fat selections. Every time I entered the kitchen today for water those crisps kept tapping on the glass of the vending machine to attract my attention. It was as if there were a flashing neon sign pointing at my favourite flavour. Things got bad about 3:30 pm, I could almost taste them…for at least five minutes I thought of nothing else but releasing a bag of crisps to the freedom of my desk. The phone rang…I was distracted.

4:30 pm and there was a sudden rush of work to do…I had the munchies. I also had a banana. I didn’t want a banana, I wanted curled over, over cooked and crunchy crisps. I reached for my handbag. The banana eyed me cautiously…’is she really going to choose crisps over me’…I felt guilty as I reached for my purse, opened it and took the money out…I stood up..ready to walk to the kitchen and claim my prize.

Somehow, and even as I write this I can’t explain how the banana won, but it did. Day four has been the most successful yet. Yes, it has only been four days but already I feel I have a little more energy. Whether that is in my mind, my body or both, I don’t care because it feels good!




6 thoughts on “Crunchy Crisps.

  1. mulkraj360

    Well done auroradreams! I love the way you actually made me feel sorry for the banana! It sounds very much like when I quit smoking, I had to resist the temptation and never smoke again. This however could be considered as bad as smoking depending upon your opinion of course, but fight it all the way, and focus on all of the wonderful, fantastic things you are going to do in the future with your new body/regime/outlook; the new you. We have just started the Insanity fitness program, including a healthier diet and my cousin retorted “yes, that’s all very good, but where’s the six pack?” Which to my mind means I have to see it through. Wonderful post, thank you.

    1. aurorasdreams Post author

      You don’t have to have a six pack to look amazing, feel amazing or be amazing & I’m sure you’ll be all three!! Well done on the Insanity Fitness Program…sounds like hard work but worth it all when you achieve your goals. Keep us posted on your progress πŸ™‚

      Thank you for your kind words of encouragement.


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