Krispy Kreme Temptations

My colleague and I approached the building at the same time this morning. Today was her final day at work, a new job, a wedding and a honeymoon beckon for her. Hence she was carrying three boxes each containing twelve Krispy Kreme Donuts. My heart sank. Not even 9 am and I sensed a huge ‘no thank you’ in my brain which I felt sure my mouth would interpret as ‘well I really shouldn’t but if you insist’!

When we reached our office I discovered someone else had decided to buy us Chocolate Brownies, Chocolate Flapjacks and wait for it…Chocolate Shortbread!!! What was going on here? A conspiracy? Had I made it obvious I was trying to get fitter and healthier prior to my City Break at the end of the month? Why were all the goodies in today?!

The Krispy Kreme delights were placed on an empty table adjoining my desk and throughout the day a succession of colleagues arrived, discussed the merits of the Chocolate Nut donut, the yum factor of the Strawberry Sauce, the heavenly taste of the Caramel. I did not succumb. I resisted. Once I had said no, I just couldn’t go back on my word to myself. I couldn’t have told you tonight that on day three I had a massive fail. I felt empowered…I said no to Krispy Kreme and meant it!! It was melon, grapes, strawberries and rhubarb for me today.

It wasn’t easy, I really would have loved to sink my teeth into the ring donut…I just couldn’t give up on myself. I know I’ll have the odd slip up, I promise to tell when i do. For today though I remembered these words…If you feel like giving up, remember why you started!



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