I like to walk…


I do enjoy a walk, I admit, I don’t walk long enough or often enough but I do enjoy it. I ponder this thought when I am halfway up a hill, heart pounding, out of breath, stopping to admire the view so that I don’t pass out…I wonder ‘why do I put myself through this’…’I actively chose to be out here?’…however once I eventually reach the summit, really look at the views, I know why. The rolling fields, the ocean, Cotswold Villages, Sheep etc, you get my drift, all beautiful in their way.

I always, always start a year saying ‘I’m going to do more walking’ or ‘I’m determined to get fitter so I can walk these hills without stopping’ but of course, it doesn’t happen. I could blame our awful weather of last couple of years but really, I have the walking attire, I could be out walking.

This weekend I made a breakthrough, mostly because my clothes have become just that little bit tight for comfort. I walked! I did it again yesterday & today I walked 3 miles in an hour. Today I walked to Maroon 5 ‘Moves like Jagger’…perhaps leave that until I am fitter!!

I feel better for the walks, I feel I have achieved something. I am not at all in the frame of mind to diet…no no no. I eat a healthy diet but chocolate, biscuits & chocolate biscuits are my downfall. I have a goal though, to walk more & also cut out the chocolate/biscuits. Keep up the healthy eating, feel less sluggish, get healthier and fit back into my clothes.

First target is end of July as I have a city break coming up. So, healthy diet, walk more and sleep well…yes I should be asleep now but I needed to get this blog written. By sharing with you will give me the positive push to keep going. Day one done and only a slight lapse in the shape of a pistachio and almond biscuit. Here’s to a biscuit free tomorrow!


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