Inner Voice


I wonder what makes us choose one path over another. What is it that directs us down one or many life paths at the same time and how do we know we have made the right decision?

It isn’t easy to hear the inner voice. We live in such a loud world, there appears to be always external noise and then we have our own brain chatter to contend with. You have to be disciplined & practised to meditate and not have mind wandering moments.

For me, it is that feeling of contentment that I have made the right decision. My decision doesn’t weigh heavily on me, there is no feeling of discomfort in the choice I have made…if there is I know, should I choose to listen, that I am making a mistake. Mistakes I have paid for but mistakes which have made me who I am today.

We learn from our mistakes and I think life lessons come into play when we wander from one path to another. Some paths are fruitful, some painful, some successful and some not so successful, perhaps just downright disappointing. Sometimes we are directed with determination to follow a particular path, of study, of career, in relationships and although we do not know what the outcome will be, we just know we have to follow our hearts and dreams.

That inner voice just won’t stop talking, directing us and showing us the way…the choice for us is whether to listen or not. Follow your inner voice, it won’t let you down.


2 thoughts on “Inner Voice

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