Self Acceptance.


I wonder why we find it so difficult to accept ourselves? Our wonderful, beautiful selves with all our faults, flaws, attributes and beauty. We have no problem accepting our friends and family, our work colleagues and people we meet along our life pathways. We put up with, accept, live with any and all of their faults or flaws because we love them. But why are we so hard on ourselves? Why do we find it so hard to love ourselves?

You, yes you, you are an amazing human being, full of kindness, love, consideration, compassion, ambitions, drive, hopes, dreams and plans. Why shouldn’t you carry out your dreams and plans? There is nothing to stop you except you. Nothing happens overnight, you will have to work for your dreams but won’t that just make it all the more satisfying when you have achieved them.

Find some time in your busy days for you, to listen to that inner voice, listen to those hopes and dreams, to accept yourself. Of course you’ll make mistakes, how else are you going to grow and learn. Self acceptance is a huge step on the journey to achieving your dreams…believe in you!


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