Random Smiles.

How often do you smile during the day? Do you ever really take any notice of how often you smile or who you smile at? Do you notice if anyone smiles at you? How many times do we make a comment to a friend or partner if during the day we have been served in a shop, a bar or a restaurant and the person serving us smiled! We noticed that someone smiled!!! Isn’t it sad that smiles can be so rare that we notice when we are on the receiving end of one.

Smiles light up your face, the very action of smiling means you can’t feel sad, the smile makes you feel that little bit happier. What’s more is that smiling is infectious. When you smile, nine times out of ten, you’ll get a smile back. You have spread a smile, spread a little happiness and perhaps spread a little kindness to someone who really needed it.

When you are getting ready to go out, don’t forget to put on your smile, you are never really fully dressed without it and if you give it away, it won’t cost you anything and you always have another smile waiting to takes its place.


2 thoughts on “Random Smiles.

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